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Align is efficiency, optimization Doing the right thing

The Total Alignment methodology is our business management model, which we also implement in different organizations, through our line of business, organization strategy consulting.
This process consists of aligning and integrating the actions of each person in the company to advance in a common vision and strategy, defined by the company, with the objectives of achieving greater effectiveness and competitiveness thereby achieving greater results always with the same slogan: Doing the right thing
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Measurement culture

Tops the One Page Software

TopsView is the platform that supports the Total Alignment methodology; It allows its users to see information about themselves and the collaborators they have under their responsibility. The centralized information is presented through one page reports:
Focus Report
It provides information about the critical factors of a person for a given frequency / period.
It presents those positive or negative deviations for a given frequency / period.
Management Report
It presents the positive or negative deviations of the direct and indirect collaborators of a manager